Lessons and Programs

With a board or skis, using a kite allows the rider to move on terrain that was otherwise untouchable. Understanding how foil kites and inflatable kites fly in cooperation with riding on water, land, snow, ice, and deep powder is a skill that we can teach you.

Year-round Kite Lessons

On water, snow and land, snowkiting, kiteboarding, kitesurfing, power kiting for year round fun.

In our courses we can cover everything you need to know from learning how to open a kite from its bag to the end results of huge jumps and speedy cruising.

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Intro To Kiting

1 Hour Lesson
  • Learn the basics. The process of how to use a kite safely and effectively for Snow Kiting or kiteboarding. IKO membership is included

Group Custom

2 Hour Lesson
  • A custom lesson built to accommodate different levels of experience. 2 people minimum. IKO membership is included


3 Hour Lesson
  • Applying kite power to understand the nature and movement of snowkiting or kiteboarding. Becoming capable of knowing when and where to kite alone among many other topics will be discussed. IKO membership is included.

Kite Mountaineering

Have you ever dreamed of kiting into the middle of nowhere, camping out when dark came, and waking only to kite again?

“Kitemountaineering” is essentially climbing mountains with a kite.  As a climber would climb mountains using modern tools like crampons, ice axes, alpine touring ski/snowboard gear, we now add a kite to allow uphill and traversing travel up slopes at speeds unheard of until now!

Kite Moutaineering

Kite Mountaineering

Day Program

Overnight Kite

2 Day Overnight Program