Our Mission

At Kiteboard New England our mission is simply to provide the best kite experience that is safe, fun, and worthwhile to each and every student.

Kiteboard New England’s instructional programs are designed with all seasons and conditions in mind, to best provide you the student with the best year round opportunity to get out and kite!.

At Kiteboard New England we will share our passion for outdoor sports, with a high degree of quality behind the process at which we instruct.  From professional training from IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization), Medical training from S.O.L.O. (Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities), and over 16 years teaching outdoor recreation, we certainly take our job to a professional level.


Snowkite Lessons

Zebulon Jakub

Your guide and instructor Zebulon Jakub has spent over 18 years climbing on and around Mount Washington and over 15 years with the International Mountain Climbing School professionally guiding on rock, ice, and snow all over the Presidential Peaks of New Hampshire.

Zebulon is the only guide at the International Mountain Climbing School permitted by the United States Forest School and the White Mountain National Forest to guide kitemountaineering trips in the White Mountains.

The White Mountains are one of the newest points of interest for snowkiters in New England, similar to other famous locations for mountain kiting in the western part of the United States, Europe, and other areas around the globe. These new possibilities of what can be done in the mountains with a kite has become a worldwide trend in the mountain culture.

In February of 2009 Zebulon Jakub was the first snowkiter to summit the challenging Mount Washington powered solely by snowkite. The Mountain is known for the 231 mile per hour winds measured on April 12, 1934.

Zebulon has summited almost all the peaks on the Presidential Ridge, including the famous Mount Washington which he summited in February of 2009. The peak is known for the 231 mile per hour winds measured on April 12, 1934. Mount Washington is one of the most challenging to truly summit, as the buildings and obstacles on the summit make for a very difficult and dangerous setting to stand with a kite.

Over the last 9 years, Zebulon has explored the upper ridges and plateaus of the Presidential Range to find some of the most surreal and challenging kiting found on the East Coast and possibly in the United States. With Zebulon’s combined guiding and kiting experience kitemountaineering courses are offered to those curious about taking on the snowkiting challenge of Mount Washington.

What Our Customers Are Saying

As many outdoor sports and activities require tools and training like kite sports, skiing, climbing, paragliding, mountain biking, etc. Working with these tools is necessary in order to participate and which requires a format of understanding that hints towards mastery. It is very important that we learn from trained, experienced, educated instructors. Picking up a kite from an untrained or lacking experience instructor can create confusion and stress, not an ideal learning environment.

This is what a few students and clients have said about our Instructor Zebulon Jakub regarding the many sports that he teaches professionally, full time and year round.
I have been dabbling with Power kites for quite a while with a fair measure of success.  Or so I thought.  My fiancée and I took full day private lessons with Zebulon Jakub of International Mountain Climbing School, and acquired a wealth of knowledge. Zeb’s training progression started with an assessment of student ability. The great part is that he tailored the lessons relative to ability without foregoing the basics…safety. Zebulon never overlooked safety, but taught us at a level that engaged us and challenged us. At the end of the day, Shannon and I walked away with improved skill, comfort and knowledge. Zebulon’s teachings are invaluable and highly recommended.  I would recommend Zeb and IMCS to anyone looking to learn or build upon existing skills. The best part is that it didn’t end there. Zebulon is always available and willing to offer advice and further training. I highly recommend IMCS Instructor Zebulon Jakub.
Rich Zintner

I have been climbing with Zeb for about 5 years. Zeb has taken me from a tentative novice climber to a confident lead climber. He has meticulously explained climbing technique, safety systems, protection placement, and rescue systems so well that I am confident leading my children on climbing routes. I have climbed with many other guides around the country and have never found a guide who teaches as well as Zeb. The private (one on one) guide fee is worth every penny and I am always happy to give Zeb a tip at the end of the day.
Bill Breyer

I have been kiteboarding for a while, but when I decided to try snow kiting I signed up for a full day with Zebulon to learn some of the dos, don’ts, tips and tricks of kiting on snow rather than water.  Man am I glad I did. He is a great instructor, no matter what you current level of ability, and a pleasure to kite with.  I took away a wealth of knowledge that I never could have learned on my own or from the web, and had a great time doing it. That was a year ago, and I have kited with Zeb a few times since, and will continue to ping him whenever I’m going out in the North Conway area.


Fedor Smith

Kite boarding, like driving a car, requires a little work to do it well and safely, but once things start to click, it becomes second nature.  Zebulon was able to get me to where things click and I am ready to invest in my first kite. He was really pleasant to be with, eternally optimistic, and a wealth of knowledge. He must have brought 7 kites and a pile of other equipment out to the field so we could be ready for any wind/ability changes as the day progressed.  Don’t forget to ask him why we sheet! Thanks for a great day Zebulon!  I wish you the best always!!
Kerri Tarpey