Snowkiting is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet!  With snowboards or skis, using a kite allows the rider to move onto and into terrain that was otherwise untouchable.

Understanding how foil kites and inflatable kites fly in cooperation with riding on snow, ice, and deep powder is a skill that we can teach you.

In Our Snowkite Courses, we cover everything a Snowkiter needs to know from the very first steps of learning how to open a kite up from its bag to the end results of huge jumps, speedy cruising,  and snowkiting in the mountains.


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  • Our Lessons are set up by simply calling us at the office at 603 356 7064.

  • Choose your day, how long the lesson will be and your ready to go.

  • Our prices are by hour and determined by the length of the lesson you wish for.

 Lessons and Pricing

1 Hour lesson = $80.00 per person

2 Hour Lesson = $160 per  person

3 Hour Lesson = $210 per person

4 Hour Lesson = $260 per person

 5 hour Lesson = $300 per person

6 Hour Lesson = $340 per person

Overnight kite Programs:

( all over night gear and food included)

$700 per person

$350 per day (2 day Minimum)

Kite Mountaineering =

$400 per person/ per day

(all mountaineering gear is included)


All other lessons are by the hour are $80 dollars per person and the length of the lesson can be determined by the student and instructor as the day goes along.

CALL 603 356 7064 for lessons.




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